Welcome — ܒܫܝܢܐ ܘ ܒܫܠܡܐ

My goal as a emergency physician and engineer is to help to improve the interaction of the physician with the electronic medical record — maximize workflow and patient care while minimizing distractions.

In furthering that goal, I created several applications as an emergency medicine resident at Maimonides Medical Center some of which you can see in the Portfolio section of this site and have contributed to several Meaningful Use and eMeasures projects for the hospital.

Much of the framework for these projects has been composed of open source components of which Perl, CPAN, various XHTML/CSS (HTML5BoilerPlate, Campaign Monitor / MailChimp / Zurb email templates) are several examples. By their nature, they have allowed me to rapidly prototype and put into production code that would have otherwise take far longer and work hours than I had.

You will find that I have minimally contributed to several open source projects throughout the years mostly through providing bug fixes. My most recent contributions have been to Lightum (a daemon to control the keyboard brightness and screen backlight on MacBook based laptops) on GitHub, previously a webmaster and contributor to Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute, and many years ago was involved in the creation of the Syriac module for Pango so that Linux users would be able to utilize the OpenType Meltho fonts on their systems.